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Swift Water Rescue

River rescue courses are designed for paddlers of all levels. CCKEVM strongly recommends all its members to take the river rescue course.

This course involves numerous and varied simulations including all types of swimming, throw bag techniques, river walking, extrication techniques, tethered swimmer, freeing a swimmer caught in a rope, rappel exit, vertical pin, mechanical advantage systems, steep slope extraction, rope rappelling and ascending, stretcher use, etc.

The simulations provide an opportunity to put into practice the learned swiftwater rescue (SWR) techniques, as well as to address real-life problems to find solutions and, most importantly, to anticipate them better. All participants will have the opportunity to take on the role of a leader and manage an emergency situation during the simulations.

The course also includes an important component on risks and prevention to be in the right place at the right time and to make the right decisions to prevent incidents and accidents.


A refund of $75 is provided to members who request it after completing the TR1 or TR2 swiftwater rescue course (claimable a maximum of once every 2 years). To claim this amount, members can send a copy of their certificate and/or receipt by email to


For more information on swiftwater rescue courses, visit: