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Pool Sessions


Every winter, the club is offering to its members pool time to practice and fine-tune their skills toward the upcoming outdoor season. These pool sessions are held at Collège Rosemont which is located at the corner of 16th Avenue and Beaubien, within the Rosemont area.


During these pool sessions, typically held between early February and late April, the club members can access the available kayaks owned by the club eliminating the need to bring their own kayaks for each session (they can also store their own kayak if enough space is left). In any case, the kayaks must be carefully cleaned inside and out. Note that the club and the Collège Rosemont are not responsible for the member's equipment stored on site. Also, the access to the storage area is only allowed during the pool sessions and the courses (please, refer to the Calendar to check for specific and up-coming pool sessions and courses).

In order to attend a pool session, you need to be a paying member of the club. Indicate your name to the session coordinator. You will be able to access the change room 30 minutes before the start of the session and will need to leave the premises 30 minutes after the end. On special occasions, video and presentations along with demonstration from outfitters and outdoor stores might be available.


Again, these pool sessions are open to club members only. New members will be able to complete their subscription to the club with the coordinator along with renewals from existing members. It is recommended for members who have just completed their registration and paid their dues online that same day to bring proof of the transaction. Note that a paddling safety helmet must be correctly worn at all time in the pool and around it. we have helmets to lend at the pool.