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Our Story

The Montreal kayak club (Club de Canoë-Kayak d’Eau Vive de Montréal, aka CCKEVM), incorporated in the province of Québec as a non-profit organization in 1984, draw its origins from two main groups: the Club Rivyak and the club Voyageurs.


The CCKEVM or Club de Montréal, for shorts, had about twenty members to start with. With the years and the increasing popularity of white water sports, the membership gained roughly a 10% growth year by year. In 2004, after 20 years, the club had over 325 active members.


The first home of the club has been the pool at the Big O - the olympic pool at the stadium. From 1984 to 1998, practices and courses were given there by the club. With the drop of availability and increase in costs, the club moved its operations over to the sport center at Regina Assumpta in 1999. After 2 years there, the club moved again, this time to the Collège Rosemont. Since 2001, this is where the club organizes pool activities like free sessions and courses.


Over the years and the growth, the CCKEVM has always been managed and supported by volunteers at all and every levels. From the administration to the technical side, including the executives, teachers, outing leads, event coordinators, they are all members volunteering their time for their fellow members and their passion. This has created a dynamic club always in tune with its members.