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Becoming a Member

Why would you become a member at the CCKEVM club?

We offer:

  • lots of paddling activities under the supervision of safe and experienced paddlers;
  • introduction and skill development classes in still water and white water conditions;
  • rental for kayak and related equipment at very low price for the members;
  • discover the many rivers in Quebec and around with other passionate paddlers;
  • established river access with riverside land owners; parking and camping at reduced price have been negotiated for the members;
  • Rebate at several related stores and service providers in the area;
  • free pool sessions to learn of warm up before the next paddling season;
  • Access to all areas of the club website including the discussion forum, photo section and the members list.

To join the club, just complete the online form. The fees to register are described in the table below. Membership can be paid via PayPal (including Visa or Mastercard if you do not have a PayPal account). Note that if you are not paying using the online feature, you may expect up to two weeks to get your account activated.

The club membership fee also includes the cost to FQCKEV* and is valid for one full year.


50$ recreational
75$ competitive (freestyle)


35$ recreational
Must be less than 18 on Dec 31st.


105$ recreational
(2 adults and 1 child or more)

The Fédération québécoise de canoé-kayak d’eau vive, la FQCKEV, is a Quebec federal organization responsible for the supervision and development of sport and recreational white water activities. This organization manages related rules, instructors, trainers and officials as well as the athletes and competition. It also support clubs and schools and provides insurance coverage.