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Instructions to participants

To participate in the club’s outings (except the Jamboree), you must be a CCKEVM member.


  • - Choose an outing based on your skill level.
  • - Register for the event and ensure you have received a confirmation for the outing.
  • - Check your equipment (Is everything in working order including your float bags?)
  • - Inform the outing organizer if you have any medical conditions or issues.
Kayak with handles in good condition, skirt, paddle, whitewater helmet, PFD, float bags, whistle.
Throwline, fixed blade knife in a protective case, first aid kit, climbing carabiners
  • - Show up at the designated time.
  • - Cooperate with the organizer regarding the organization of the shuttles.
  • Examples: securely fasten boats, respect speed limits, think of your keys and have straps
  • - Listen carefully to the outing’s leader instructions
  • - Pay attention to the organizer’s instructions
  • - Share the river and keep a reasonable distance between participants
  • - Learn and know the communication signals and sounds (whistle)
  • - Always stay between the group opener and closer
  • - Ensure your own safety first and act responsibly on the river in accordance with your own experience and skill level
  • - Keep eye contact with the person in front and behind you
  • - Communicate questions or problems
  • - At the put-in and the take-out, please respect the area (be it public or private)
  • Example: Be modest when changing in and out of your clothes, don’t litter, do not obstruct traffic with cars or equipment, do not honk nor play music too loudly, park all on the same side of the road if possible