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Instructions for the leader of the outing


  • Add the outing to the club's calendar on the website
  • Determine the maximum number of participants and supervision required (provide for the division into autonomous smaller groups if the activity is a camp)
  • Check the water level (and have a plan B if necessary)
  • Print a list of participants
  • Know where the emergency exits and nearest hospital are

Examples of questions to a participant that you do not know:

  • Are they members?
  • Do they have the skill level required?
  • Do they have the required equipment and is it in working condition (float bags, helmet, whistles, wetsuit if needed, etc ....)
  • Do they have any group equipment? (A first aid kit, spare paddle, etc.)
  • What is their knowledge of the river?
  • Can they assist in coaching others?

Examples of information to give to the participants:

  • The precise meeting time and place (can be sent to participants rather than broadcasted to all)
  • Money to pay for this event (access, camping,)
  • Things to bring (lunch, water, ...)

The day of outing

  •  Organize the shuttles as efficiently as possible (Don’t forget, there are areas where only a limited number of cars can park)
  • You can deny a member to join the group if you have a valid reason
  • Complete the list of participants with contact emergency numbers and keep it with you
  • Before the entering the water, make sure (especially if there are beginners or new participants)
    • that all participants are familiar with the visual and auditory (whistle) communication signals
    • to appoint a group opener and a group closer, so the outing is conducted in a safe and harmonious way.
  • At the put-in and take-out, be it public or private land, ensure everyone respects the area
  • Before a difficult rapid, (depending on the level of the group),ensure all participants understand the plan (visual cues / line, portage, security)

Note: In case of autonomous small groups, appoint a person to be in charge of the above tasks

After the outing, please complete an «outing report »