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Kayak Rentals

The CCKEVM club has several kayaks for the main purpose of providing complete equipment for the students of the club's classes, either in the pool or on the river. If otherwise not used, they can be rented by the members for a minimum fee. They are then rented out typically by the week. The kayaks are also available during the winter pool sessions at no cost to the members.

Rentals will start on wednesday June 18th from 6:30pm until 7:30pm at the Collège Rosemont (6400, 16e ave.): access via Beaubien street. You need to book ahead of time (see instructions below). Rentals will take place all summer at the same time and place every week.

Rental fee: 50$/week
Note that this is for a full kayaking equipment set: kayak, skirt, paddle, helmet, PFD, whistle and float bags. The renter must provide a secure means for transporting the kayak and equipment.

Rental Rules

  • Must be a member of the CCKEVM club. Please, show your membership card to the rental coordinator.
  • The renter is responsible for the equipment until it has been returned to the rental coordinator.
  • Rental period cannot be longer than 3 weeks. Although, after 3 weeks, if the kayak has not been reserved, the rental for that kayak can be renewed. Note that slightly different rules would apply to the two person kayaks.
  • If the kayak has not been picked up at the specified time, the reservation is automatically cancelled without reimboursement. A reservation can be cancelled at least 24hrs ahead of time.
  • I'ts possible to reserve a specific boat. However, if it's being repaired or is otherwise unavailable, you will need to rent another kayak. 
  • The equipment and the kayaks must be returned clean. Please, take the time to rinse them thoroughly with fresh water and empty them. Make sure the plug is back on tight for the next user.
  • If you adjusted the kayak fitting, make sure all screws are secured and tight. Please, let us know of any issues and problems so that we can fix it for the next user.
  • Please, be on time, the coordinator is a fellow member and volunteer giving up his time so you can paddle. So, please, be considerate.
  • Contact the Technical Director for more information.

Thanks for your cooperation and have fun paddling!


Rental instructions:

- create en account with 'Sign up' on the right side (tip: use the same username and password as on the site) and/or log in
- choose a kayak (droplist at the top)
NB: check the availability: booked boats
- choose your rental week and click on 'Book this week' or 'Book now'
NB: the chosen week includes the week-end on the same line
- each week requires its own transaction
- click 'book' (include comments if necessary)
- click 'pay now' and finalize your on-line payment (paypal or other method)
- prepare a rental form by writing the confirmation # on it and bring it when you come for the rental

To cancel, go to 'Manage my bookings' on the right side